The Beautiful Truth

Hey! I need to express something that has been on my mind lately. I use to have a friend group that would just sit in a circle and complain. They complain about their spouse, their children, politics, the paper route boys weird hat, anything they can think of to whine about the world and everything they disapprove of. This negative energy steered me towards new friends, that were very loving, compassionate and positive people. This was great, but for some reason I still just couldn’t find myself fitting in with them. I always felt unsatisfied with the majority of my friends, (sorry if that sounds negative). They are all still my friends today, but honestly they fit better into the category of acquaintances. I would do anything for those I love, but I don’t spend time with them, barely ever.

Why I Don’t See 90% Of The People I Love Often

My Blog is all about views, insights and thoughts. I’m not really here to give people facts, mainly just to share insight I believe in and if it coincides with you then I would be ecstatic to know my writing is enjoyed. Whether I’m talking about music, life, anything; If you don’t like what you read you don’t have to take it personally as I’m not trying to state any broad facts, it’s just there for those that can relate. Don’t feel like I’m trying to say I’m right, it’s just my opinions.

Just because you love someone doesn’t mean your headed down the same path. You’re drawn to people because of their energy, not their hobbies. Your personality is mainly made up of 3 different things:

  • Genetics
  • Brain Algorithms
  • Hobbies/interests

Now you’re drawn to someone because of their personality. If you’re friends/lovers with another individual you likely match each other in at least one of those aspects, maybe not so much genetics if you’re lovers… Hopefully not at least. In my opinion: You will become either a deep friend or lover if you share similar brain algorithms, and the same or acquaintances if you share similar hobbies/interests.

The Beautiful Truth

You get to be yourself for your entire life, and spend time with those who make you happy. Find the people your naturally drawn to and embrace it. You will synchronize naturally and thrive on happiness. If you enjoy playing music and come across someone with the same hobby, you have the potential to create a new piece of art. If you come across someone with similar brain algorithms AND hobbies, you have potential to create something bigger; like a band.

Too many people are focused on the wrong things, they don’t think about themselves enough. I’m not promoting being selfish as it’s actually one of my biggest pet peeves, but you have to think for yourself to a degree. Think about what you want, what you like and what’s going to make you happy.  Don’t live to make others happy, as it’s not your job to do so.

I Have A Little More To Say

I love being awake at ridiculous hours. I woke up at 3 am today, completely out of choice. If your brain algorithms happen to coincide with mine you will love the middle of the night when nobody has awoken. My favorite part about it is that you have a head start and time to get your personal work done. You’re also underestimated because people don’t see you working, and long-term you being underestimated will also surprise people in a positive way once your work pays off.

That’s it! Another random rant for my amazing readers this morning.

-Jennifer White

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