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do-it-your-wayHave you ever been self employed? Was it for you? Did you succeed or did it not work out? I decided today to write an article about choosing the route of self employment, in the hopes I can encourage anyone who is interested in the idea of entrepreneurship to go look for your business, that you’re going to be successful at. See most people are intimidated by the idea, so they stick to the good old 9-5 Monday to Friday job that takes up all their time and just barely pays their bills. Obviously that isn’t always the case, but I personally feel that it’s the trap a lot of us fall into when we haven’t realized we’re capable of so much more.

I started my journey of self employment 4 years after I got out of high school. Once I graduated I got a job as a full-time produce clerk at a local market. I actually really enjoyed my job, I was good at it, my employers were good to me and the people I worked with were fantastic. The only issue I had was I was bothering myself to go back to school, learn some ‘real skills’ and get out there and get a better job. This is where I feel the trap sets in, because people will take that route, sign up for a bunch of courses, go through a trial and error period where you find out what’s for you and what’s not for you, and then you find your thing and spend another 4-8 years getting a degree in that field. Now I’m not saying you shouldn’t do that, as it’s all dependent on the person and what you really want, but I know there’s so many of us that are capable of amazing things and end up wasting their talents because they’re scared.

Let me put it this way: The average doctor/physician in The United States makes 200,000 dollars a year. Pretty good right? This is a great route to take if your set out to do that. 200,000 dollars a year will create a great future for you if you stick to it. Keep in mind though to get a job that pays 200,000 a year, it is at least 8-12 years of schooling; which is a good chunk of your life. In those 8-12 years, your schooling is going to cost you well over 200 grand. You also will not have time to work often, as you must dedicate everything you have to your schooling, so what does that mean? Student loans, a.k.a: The devil. Student loans are meant for those people that succeed in the field they choose and land a job that helps them pay off their debts in a matter of 2-3 years, but it doesn’t always work out that way. Often student loans can set you back very far, so be careful.

You Can Start Building Your Future Now


Now I’m not saying entrepreneurship is the “right way,” because just like going to school to become a doctor, only those select few with the right mind set are going to jive with, but it’s all about speed. Starting a business is honestly something that requires the same dedication as going to school for a good job. The difference though is that it’s 100% what you make of it, you have to get creative and turn it into your baby. Honestly though if your heart is fully in it you will succeed, that’s what it’s all about. Even if you’ve started a business that you aren’t naturally successful in, you will find a way to make it work and prosper from it.

When I said “it’s all about speed,” that is regarding the fact that you don’t need any background checks. There’s nobody hiring you, it’s just all what you make of it, and you can start building your future today¬†instead of 10 years from now.

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