My First Ever Blog Post!

Hello there! I’ve always been searching for ways to communicate my personal opinions and my favorite things with the world, in a way that you can look at it yourself, take the time to examine, create an opinion and possibly reach out to me if you like what you read or see. It’ll often be random and the topic may change as that is just who I am, however, if I get good feed back and people want me to continue with certain things, I will focus more on those kinds of topics.

I am here to give:

  • Ideas
  • Helpful Advice
  • Knowledge
  • And Most Importantly Honest Expression

Me being somewhat introverted, it’s nice to be able to come on here and still communicate with people but not face to face. I can well-plan out my thoughts and effectively get a message across when sometimes in a group setting I feel like I can’t do so. I’m sure some of ya can relate.

In fact, I am just winging it here, I may start with the topic of introversion and extroversion; I spend a lot of time in my head on this topic and I may enjoy talking about it and sharing my personal thoughts.

Not tonight though, I actually work very early in the morning, and I really shouldn’t be up here doing this stuff, haha. My mind is somewhat racing though and I feel the urge to get things done, funny how that always happens at night when it’s time for bed.

Anyway if you were excited for my post about introversion and extroversion I apologize, I’ll be back shortly. Though I would like to share with you this video on the topic, I got a lot from it and I hope it benefits someone!

Hope you all enjoy! 

~Jennifer White