Irrational Fears

My internet got cut off this week. I am honestly a pretty lazy person and I just didn’t pay it. Instead I went out and did other things that were outside and real. Usually I just sit here staring at this box and living in a fake world. I do love the internet, oh I’m sorry, just ranting.

I said I was going to talk about introverts and extroverts, and I would be more than happy too. This post is going to be about my irrational fears though, so here we go:

When I was young, somewhere around 8 or 9, there was a wasp nest in my backyard. I was already kind of freaked out by wasps, but I was a curious young one. I would walk over to the nest with a stick to test my boundaries, and I hit a leaf near the nest with the stick. Nothing happened so I got a little closer, and closer, and closer, till suddenly they go for me, chase me across the yard, sting me 4 times on my shoulders and leave me petrified of wasps for a long time. My dad killed the nest that night thank god, but for years after that I was just terrified of them. I wouldn’t even leave my house out the front door because there was wasps flying around in the garden out front, I would leave out the back. I would also come home from school, walk around the garden keeping my distance and if my parents had locked the door and I couldn’t enter the house right that second, I would freak out screaming, banging on the door just petrified that they would come after me. It’s funny how we are wired to react in such a way from traumatic experience, maybe not funny but interesting. I am very interested in psychology because I feel that it scientifically proves that humans aren’t really different from one another. Sure we have different qualities and preferences such as: hobbies, tastes, physique, but at the end of the day we are all 99.9% the same thing; human. We like to laugh, we like to be entertained, we like the company of others, we feel emotions. If you really think about it, when we say things like “I am the opposite of him,” it is pretty inaccurate.

So yeah, irrational fears; we all have’ em. The 2 irrational fears I’ve noticed in myself are both living creatures; wasps and rats/mice. I’ve gotten over my fear of wasps since I developed it, however I cannot be within a 10 meter radius of a rat, and if I am, I better damn well not know it.

Funny how I made this blog to share my interest about music and harmonica’s… I am passionate about the harmonica, it’s just not something that has been on my mind lately. Music is one of my greatest passions and always will be, and I plan to create a band including only obscure instruments like harmonica, does that sound cool? Let me know if it does, by e-mail:

It’s something that has been on the back burner for some time, I’ve always wanted to play in a band and in my younger years I would spend countless hours jamming with friends in the basement; to this day we have still not formed a band, but I do believe it is time… Anyways, that’s all I can share tonight, I always get on here way too late. Honestly, I have been enjoying the outdoors lately which only leaves me time to do this kind of thing when the daylight diminishes. Enough about me though, tell me something about you! Leave a comment or share a story about yourself! I would love to hear it.



Watch out for tunnel vision, being introverted is okay, but from my personal experience getting tunnel vision can set you back. Keeping an open mind and being open to be extroverted is important, you don’t have to be an extrovert but please do be open to change.