I Do Love Modern Music… Thank You Very Much

I love the guitar…

There is a wide variety of opinions and feelings out there about music. This may just be me, but I see a lot of “strong hatred” for these genre’s especially:

  • Country music
  • 2000’s and up pop music 
  • Hip hop
  • Classical

I actually just don’t understand. It doesn’t sound good to you? You don’t like Chad Kruger’s hair? Or They’re too “wanna be”? Honestly I really don’t understand why there is a desire to impact the music you don’t like negatively. I think it’s completely okay if it’s not your thing, but don’t go around trashing a band you dislike just cause your style is different. All that does is seep negative energy into the universe, nothing else. Maybe I just don’t comprehend it because I’m very open to any genre of music and never really view it in a bad way, even if I don’t mesh well with the song or band.


I have some very opinionated friends that are literally offended when I express that I actually don’t mind Nickelback. I don’t like to collaborate with those people about their opinions of music nor mine, just because it’s frustrating to hear such a pessimistic view about something I enjoy. I mean I don’t mind someone telling me “I don’t like Nickelback, they aren’t my style”, that’s totally fine, explain why now and I respect you 100%. Please don’t rant about “oh they just suck so much, and they’re all for show, yadda yadda”, that stuff just drives me bonkers… 

On a little more positive note; who here likes The Zolas? They’ve just been killing it lately, producing music and touring like madmen. If you haven’t heard of them and you like poppy, up-beat indie rock music, I suggest checking them out.

Above I linked to just one of their songs, but they have released several albums in the last few years, and have become quite successful.

A few other poppy bands I like that lots of people would trash are:

  • Garbage
  • Green day
  • Coldplay
  • Jimmy Eat World
  • Billy Talent
  • Fall Out Boy

In conclusion, I’m going to like what I want, you’re going to like what you want, I think we should collaborate and talk about the things we have in common instead of trashing the things we don’t agree on. How does that sound? Much more pleasant right? So lets start putting it into action. I want to see some comments about what kinds of music people LIKE. 

Have a good day everybody!

Jennifer White

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