Who Am I?

Just An Ordinary, Motivated, Happy Girl

I lived in Edmonton, Alberta until I was 27, grew up on a farm with 4 horses. I have a brother, 3 sisters and each of us live in all different cities, not because we don’t get along or anything it’s just where we ended up. I owned a landscaping company with a friend of mine who bought my shares and moved to Victoria B.C. Since then I have been able to spend time travelling and fulfilling my life’s full potential, it has been amazing.

Basically, I’m a farm girl who helped build a business, now I’m┬ádoing pretty darn good and plan to invest in real estate soon. I also plan to buy myself some property somewhere out in the boonies in either Alberta or British Columbia, and raise horses again.

Oh and I really love writing, you might be able to tell by reading my posts. I Don’t watch TV, I barely even read books anymore! I spend all that time writing. It is actually a newer hobby of mine but I do really seem to be enjoying it. Let me know what you think of my writing by visiting my speak with me personally page.