The Key: Don’t Take Life Too Seriously

jeremyTonight I’ve spent my night having a very much needed good time with good friends; and guess what? I felt somewhat bad about it. I felt like I’ve made no progress towards my business. Is that bad? Should I feel like that?

Well, absolutely not. I work hard, I have money, I don’t need to be working towards anything really.

Entrepreneurs Are Never Satisfied

The title says it, and it’s something we need to learn how to overcome. Maybe it’s just me really… I can’t go out and do anything that’s not productive towards my business without feeling bad, and like I’m losing hoursBut you know what? it’s healthy to give yourself a break from time to time. If you spend every waking hour of your life working on your business it will become you, and often the whole reason you started this thing (could be many different reasons,) evolves into something else. Personally I became an entrepreneur so that I could work my own hours, have the freedom to do what I want when I want, and to get what I put into my company.

Come on.. Who doesn’t enjoy having a few drinks with their friends on a Tuesday night? I put long, hard hours into my business for occasions like that. It feels like all your hard work was well worth it when you get to do these kinds of things.


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