Henry Chung Tours Calgary with an Appliance Repair Company

It’s good to be back writing again after a long time away. There wasn’t much to write about in the last while, but here’s something I’m honored to share, my recent tour of business in Calgary through the eyes of a passionate team of appliance repair technicians. I learned so much over the weekend, and now I want to share it so that I’m not the only one who gets to benefit from this amazing experience. I’ll be presenting a list of the three major things I learned at the end, but to begin I’ll tell you how this all happened in the first place and my general experience touring through the beautiful Canadian city of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Here we go!

How did I meet these appliance repair technicians in the first place? You’ll never believe this, but one of my best friends from school is dating one of the most skilled and experienced technicians in Calgary. I won’t say either of their names, but to get the answer to the above question out of the way I will say that when I asked my friend who would be a good guide for me to explore Calgary she offered to let her boyfriend be my guide. It was an honor to meet him, and I’ll talk of him more in a bit. Now, I just want to tell you my first impression of Calgary and what developed after that moment.

When I got out of the airport, my first thought was actually quite negative. I was wondering why my friend had called Calgary such a beautiful city when all I saw was the same old infrastructure that every city has. There was nothing special, until my guide came to pick me up….

After a while of being disappointed, the personality of my guide alone cheered me up, and I had to remind myself of some things before I could really enjoy my first day there.

First of all, I had to remind myself not to be so serious, a topic I’ve touched on briefly in the past. I was there to have a good time and explore, but I was being too judgmental. The kind and free personality of my guide who picked me up from the airport kicked my serious judgment out the window and soon enough I was seeing Calgary for what it truly is, one of the best cities in North America let alone just Canada. My heart began to sank when he took me to East Calgary, a place of young passion and art of the likes I’ve never seen before. My first day there was long, but thanks to my guide, the appliance repair technician, it went by so fast. I’ll never forget it though. The memories flooding into my mind as I write this make me wish I was still there.

calgary appliance repair company

I was only in Calgary for two days and three nights, but I felt like I know the city well enough to call it my friend. I’ll definitely be back next year to visit the new human friends I made there, but the urban landscape itself is a friend I never knew I would wish for. After I got to see the city, touring the most famous streets, my guide gave me a tour of Appliance Repair Calgary Pros itself. They’re a company of hard working, experienced technicians who offer their services to your door. I’ve never seen anything like how their company operates, being Henry Chung. You know me! I’m all about business so when I got the chance to see how one operates from the inside I asked so many questions.

Here are the major points I learned after asking my guide way too many questions about what it was like to work in an appliance repair company in Calgary:

  1. In order to be a reliable technician, enough to call yourself a “pro” at repairing appliances, you need to be familiar with all brands, makes, and models, which for my guide meant being able to fix an LG fridge and a Panasonic dryer in the same day without resorting to manuals all day.
  2. There are way, way, way too many appliance repair parts floating around the market to possibly remember them all–I mean thousands!–which is why my guide relies on several different resources to keep track of them all and know which parts are needed for which appliance, although his memory serves him great in this regard nonetheless.
  3. Living and working in Calgary, no matter what kind of job you got, so long as you’re passionate about the work you do, is probably one of the best places in the world to live and work, especially if you get to drive from job to job fixing home appliances like my guide does. I’m so jealous!

Those were my major points of insight I learned about my new friend’s line of work, and they’ll be impacting all my future thoughts about the industry for the rest of my life. I’m so glad and grateful I got to get a tour from such an experienced man.

So thanks again to my wonderful guides:

Appliance Repair Calgary Pros

(403) 917-1550

1057 Country Hills Cir NW Calgary AB T3K 4X1


You guys are awesome. Can’t wait for my next visit.