I Learn Something New Every Day

Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve written to you guys. I’ve been off in Victoria BC helping a good friend of mine run his business. Not just with the business side of things but with the actual labor. The movers at We Haul Cheap really needed help, as they were down 2 guys. I like to be there for my friends, so there I was for 2 weeks moving houses. I was pretty sore the first couple days, but I’m feeling much better now.

Moving is hard work

movingI have a new respect for moving companies. I mean, furniture is heavy! And not only that, but moving companies have to be extremely careful. Take a chunk out of the wall? Well guess whose paying for that; your company and your companies reputation. Break an antique piece an old lady has had for 60 years? Well, you’re likely going to lose your job, and possibly your head. You wanna know why We Haul Cheap was down 2 guys? One simple mistake. He who must not be named sprained his leg while moving a large desk up a flight of stairs in a multi-million dollar house. He went down and so did the desk, it took a tumble down the stairs and went right through the wall, took out a huge portion of the electrical while it was at it. The repairs were close to 20 grand, and the poor couples desk was irreplaceable as well, it was a very unfortunate situation.

So if you know anything about We Haul Cheap, you know that they have a very good reputation. They only employee the best and hold a very high standard when it comes to customer service. This incident not only got the employee fired, but they had to let the man who referred the company to him go as well. It wasn’t the owner freaking out at the employees being nasty, as he’s not that kind of guy. It’s just the companies standard, they cannot have anyone on their team screw up like that. A very sad story indeed, but it opened peoples eyes to the fact that anything can happen.

Lesson Learned

Most of us do have irrational fears, but some of us take our life for granted. Everyone needs a reminder that you need to be prepared for tragedy at all times. As much as you don’t want it to be a reality, that’s just how life goes. You must especially keep in mind that anything can happen you’re:

  • Least expecting it
  • Moving large items 
  • Working at any job
  • Driving

Because let’s face it; you’re not invincible, you’re a human being. just keep it in mind because we have a tendancy to forget these things until something actually happens. As we get older and go through these situations it sinks in a little more, but just do your best to be grateful for what you have, and don’t take anything for granted.

That’s my little piece of wisdom for today… Have a good one everybody!

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